Himampasand - B&B Mangoes


Himampasand – The choicest quality of mangoes, also known as Himayat, that you won’t stop gushing over slice by slice! Himayat is touted to have a taste that can even challenge the “Alphonso”.

Himampasand is called with few different names like Imam Pasand, Himayat or Himayuddin or HumayunPasand or himmaPasand. It is exclusive mango cultivar and it is grown in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and also in Tamil Nadu states in India.

Origin: Andhra Pradesh- Deccan Area.

Features: Medium to large, Rounded base, prominent beak, thick skin, firm flesh, fibreless, white to yellow, very sweet, good keeping quality, and good peeling quality.

No of fruits per box: 8 to 12.

Approximate weight: 6 kgs.


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