About us - B&B Mangoes
May 16, 2018

About us

“Mangoes that leave you feeling delighted”.

Healthy organic mangoes.

We have a huge Mango farm, where we have perfected the art of growing and selecting the best mangoes to ship it to your doorstep and we have decided to make it available for those who love farm fresh mangoes. Our Mango garden is situated in the fringes of Nuzvid called Devaragunta. It is a 15min drive from Nuzvid, located at a distance not more than 8km.

Our history of planting and producing mangoes dates back to decades. This place of plantation holds enormous rich soil that supplies the trees with essential plant nutrients and water in adequate amounts and proportions for plant growth. We cover the top soil with sufficient organic matter for healthy soil structure and soil moisture retention that helps in producing exotic mangoes that will leave you delighted once consumed. We follow first generation form of agriculture and will continue to do so. We take great pride in growing and supplying the finest organic mangoes that are sure to leave your taste buds bewitched and your body nourished. We call this ‘Real, Tasty and Healthy mangoes!’  We at B&B grow mangoes naturally, where in we abide by the nature by not utilizing any form of chemical fertilizers or pesticides as it aids in better well being of body & soul.

We hand pick mangoes that are naturally ripened by the nature and do not mature them artificially. By selling organic mangoes you will be giving good health and will be contributing towards the protection of the environment.

Our secret:

The fruit grown here is free from artificial and yielding chemicals, and various forms of insects are restricted through various organic compounds that our mother nature supplies us with. We make sure that the fruit is fully ripen and matured on the trees and then push it towards delivery. By following such process the flavor is enhanced and will leave you wanting for more.